Meet Kalie

Hi, I’m Kalie! I’m a wordpress website designer, developer and branding expert.

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my website. I specialize in working one-on-one with business owners, like you, to create beautifully crafted, strategic websites. 

I fell in love with website design while I was pregnant with my daughter. Once she was born, I realized there was no way I could go back to my day job. 

Web design, development and branding is the perfect combination for me. I get to do what I love, by honing in on my creative talents, geeking out on a wide verity of technology, and helping incredible entrepreneurs level up their businesses. All of this with my daughter close by.

Components For Success


All great websites have a plan. We will work together to formulate one that works for your business.


Crafting the custom design is my favorite part. The intricate details evolve around the strategy. 


All project communication in done within a shared google drive folder. Making it easy to manage, track and discuss details. 

A little background on me

I’ve earned my Degree in Business Management, am a Certified Optician, as well as a Medical Assistant. I know that’s irrelevant to website design, but during those years I spent in the medical industry and at school, I developed my skills and excitement for digital design and website creation. Once I realized I could do it for a living, I never looked back!

I love being outdoors and living a healthy lifestyle. My number one joy in life is spending time with my family, and everything I do is for them.

I’ve always enjoyed helping others, finding solutions to problems, and learning something new every chance I get.

I love working closely with bad-ass business owners and creating websites for them. Finding my passion and deciding to turn this into my career is the best thing I’ve ever done, for myself, and my family.

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